The 7 Keys to High Energy through the Day. What Is Consuming Us?

Have you noticed that there are days when time flies and you are still left with plenty of energy? And other days when you’re internal battery shows 1% at about…2PM?

What makes these days so different?

The difference lies in the way your inner energy amplifies based on the things you do on the outside, on your thoughts and perceptions. This mix influences your mental and physical energy. Your outer and inner activity either makes your energy drop or touch the sky.

Here is how you can grow your energy and flame:

1. Be yourself in everything you do

You are yourself when what you do matches your passions and talents. Doing the things you love increases your energy and makes time fly without feeling tired, even after long hours.

Make sure that your work is about the things you love to do as well or see how you can improve it. Ask yourself why you chose to do this in the first place. Get back to that initial feeling and enthusiasm when you felt you can move mountains.

2. Get rid of indecisiveness

You consume precious energy when you can’t make a decision on a highly important subject. If you let your mind analyze and reanalyze the pros and cons of a situation, you’ll notice how you’ll get more and more tired. Going back and forth on the same subject is so energy draining.

Settle every subject as it appears. Sleep on it for some time if necessary, but set clear deadlines for deciding on those subjects that are holding you back.

3. Stop procrastinating

I know. You don’t like this and that, so you postpone it. You hate making that phone call or start working on that presentation, so you procrastinate. You may think you’ll get away with it, but you won’t, as the deadlines and consequences remain present in your mind.

Take one step at a time. In this case, when you dislike the process, focus more on the result and on setting your mind free of those tasks. The result will be more time for you to think and plan the things you like, rather than hang on those you still need to do.

This article in Harvard Business Review on how to beat procrastination might help you get it out of your system.

4. Keep your purpose in mind

We all need to be conscious of our higher meaning and contribute to a better world according to our personal vision of what a better world looks like.

Your purpose is your internal fuel. It gives you great energy once you identify it and remain aligned to it. If you feel constant dissatisfaction because your work has no purpose, put it on the table and make a plan to solve it.

Define your own ground for manifesting your purpose and don’t forget about it. Don’t settle for anything less.

5. Stop worrying about what others may think of you

Being faithful to yourself while keeping in mind to be considerate of other people’s beliefs and emotions is all that matters.

Otherwise, what other people think of you is their concern only.

6. Ask for and offer help

Sometimes we keep struggling to solve everything by ourselves when the colleague next office may already have the answer. Or could help with an idea. Sometimes we’re doing the same in our personal life.

Think you’ll seem less interesting or capable if you ask for help and show some vulnerability? Think again. Team work makes the world work. People need reasons to connect. The energy we put in common generates greater energy and achievements. Make sure you also offer valuable help and ask for it openly when you need it.

7. Change your perception

We don’t see the world the way it is, but we see the world the way we are. We look through lenses and consume our energy believing that what we see is real. When layers of worrying thoughts or negative emotions blur those lenses, we see things differently from what they are.

The simple intention of changing perspective will work miracles because it will clean your lenses. Sometimes it is better to get away from the center of the field and just witness what is happening in your life. Just observe, don’t play for a while. Try to find the meaning and the lesson every experience is trying to teach you. This new perspective brings with it a light heart, a calm mind, and a refreshed energy.

Stay connected to yourself to identify the moments that make your energy drop. Make changes, smile and enjoy the ride. You need all your internal resources and flame for making great things happen every day.