Every Monday a New Journey Begins. Make It Valuable!

Our mind and body perceive Mondays like the most difficult start-over times. And when you think it happens every single week, it becomes that unfriendly day that takes over to something beautiful and full of endless opportunities and discoveries: the all mighty weekend.

But what if we changed perspective and saw Mondays as the beginning of a great new journey? A beginning that we cannot waste in longing about the past weekend or yawn in a slow start.

Monday is a new beginning that we should value and make the most of, as it opens the world of a brand new week.

Don’t waste it in nostalgia over the last weekend, but instead:

Be curious – about all this new day has to offer and about the new opportunities that may arise this week. Every Monday takes us closer to making our dream come true or to advancing on our personal mission.

Be grateful – for having this new day and week to get exciting things done, to change those that don’t work the way you’d like them to or to learn new things. Be grateful that you can work on yourself for continuous self-improvement and for generating more and more value.

Be joyous – about all the things you have in life, from sunny nature to family and friends. Be joyous for being yourself, the way you are. Every one of us has the potential of achieving great if only we didn’t condition ourselves so much and kept our natural inner smile on Mondays, too.

Be empowering – to those who need it, at work or at home. This is not the same with helping, as helping fixes a problem one time, but won’t teach people to solve problems on their own and be self-sustained. Instead, take the time to empower and teach as this is the best way of helping.

Be conscious – about your role and mission and about time. Use this new day as best as you can to grow your flame and make your role. Every Monday is valuable, unique and unrepeatable.

Make the most of this new Monday.


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