Time for New Promises to Ourselves

Time flies for each of us like it was never here in the first place. It flies whether we spend it well or not. Whether we do things our way or not. Whether we grow our flame or not. Whether we are kind and caring, or not. It flies anyway.

We were kids right up until yesterday when we used to dream about how we would do wonderful things in the world and how we would feed the world’s happiness and enthusiasm from our own endless reserves. Our imagination and inner drive were enough for making the world look wonderful.

We were happy without knowing what happiness is.

Then we grew up and began to adopt patterns, conditions, expectations, grown-up habits, reasons, and limitations…forgetting too many times about what we used to be, what we used to imagine, what we wanted to become. Forgetting who we are.

Today is a new beginning. Not only because it is another year’s end and we need to set new resolutions, but because the only sure thing we have is this day. So today is the best time to remind ourselves of what it used to be our greatest dream, our greatest self, our greatest miracle to give back to the world. Or if we don’t remember, we can start searching for it today.

The strongest promise is the one we make to ourselves.

We cannot cheat on ourselves because we can grasp the uselessness of it. Our inner essence is freedom, authenticity and simplicity and all we have to do is let it manifest and amplify. So, we need to start this inner journey to ourselves today. We need to identify what it is that makes us unique and how we can spread the value of our uniqueness into the world. Once we make this a promise to ourselves, we have to make it happen. No more excuses, no more reasons, no more delays.

For each of us, our personal meeting with time itself will come.

After an entire life filled with everything a human life could contain, after receiving at birth a unique mix of gifts and talents and an infinite potential to shape reality with love and compassion, it would be such a pity to go there without a big smile on our face and a light, bright soul.