5 Ways Good Branding Influences Your Company’s Life & Evolution 

I’ve always considered that branding is just common sense in action.

Branding is not only the shape we give to things, but the drive we imprint to companies and people. When understood and executed properly, branding can reunite meanings, paths, moments, emotions, fulfilled needs.

Having said this, I believe good branding has the super-power of influencing the entire life and evolution of a company in ways we are sometimes unaware of.

  1. Good branding builds favourability, trust and ultimately love

How do you feel when you meet a person who is pleasant and kind in any circumstance, has a beautiful appearance, asks open questions and shows genuine interest and empathy? You feel great and important. You would want to have them around. You start to value that person and start telling others about how happy you are to have met her.

The same applies to brands. Good branding reflects the company’s DNA and values and offers a unified customer experience at every online and offline touch-point: through employees, products, services, communication, design or points of sale.

  1. Good branding makes you memorable

Good branding also reflects in the memorable experiences you offer to your customers. It is reflected in the little things, the ones that are not expensive to do, but make your customers’ lives pleasant in ways they haven’t imagined yet.

Could it be a brunch for your most loyal customers? Or a good welcome coffee when they visit? Or a monthly musical evening experience? Or a hand-written birthday card? Or an additional service or recommendation?

Anything goes as long as it matches your brand’s personality and shows people you care.

  1. Good branding makes customers loyal

If you view branding as the ‘experience’ and not the ‘appearance’, you will realize that customer loyalty is directly linked to offering great experiences based on your strong brand foundation and values. It’s as simple as that.

Split your customer’s journey into pieces and make sure you deliver at your best at every step of the way. Make customer feedback your best friend as it can offer priceless intelligence along this process.

  1. Good branding keeps your team together

People perform best when they have a meaning, they feel valued and share the same values with the brand they represent. If you manage to engage your team and gain their support through common meanings, the experience they build together across the customer’s journey will reflect this.

Ask yourself and then ask your people as well: what is relevant to them? In what ways do they dream of making an impact? What are their personal greater goals? Are they in the same spirit with the company’s greater goal? What would they need to become more confident and engaged? How can the company support them? Or think of your own key questions that will definitely pay off.

  1. Good branding turns complete strangers into ambassadors

If you see branding and its implications not as optional, but as key, the things above will become your second nature. You will also soon realize that complete strangers start to consider your offerings, become customers and then your big fans. From being a big fan to telling others about your discoveries is just one step. The very step that turns your customers into brand ambassadors.

To confirm their choice and commitment, make sure you always deliver with honesty, authenticity and fix the things you need to fix with elegance and awareness.

I hope we can inspire you for building your bright brand story. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey, as we are here to help.