“I worked with Cristina and Bright in one of those periods when I was feeling discouraged and completely unsuccessful as for a while nothing seemed to be on the right track in terms of marketing and communication for my new start-up. All the companies I had previously approached ended up in completely not honouring their promises.
So I turned to them for consultancy and guidance on how to approach my target and communicate effectively. Talking to Cristina was the right thing to do as in less than a week she helped me see things clearly, have an online communication plan and a clear course of action. All the interactions with her were to the point, packed with a wealth of teachings and ideas and her comments and advice were extremely insightful while she helped me see things clearly and take the right approach in communicating with my customers.
Moreover, Bright helped me implement my newsletter in no time, in the smoothest possible way, allowing me to focus on my core business.
I love working with Bright and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a coherent and smart marketing and communications strategy.”
Laura Marin, Founder LightSelf

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