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Even the smallest change creates a world of new possibilities and opportunities. A coach is a facilitator of change and transformation. This occurs in a safe, trusting, and embracing space, allowing clients to express their deepest emotions, sensations, thoughts, and dreams. A coach provides support and empowerment while encouraging you to freely explore yourself.

The essence of coaching lies in cultivating a unique understanding of the world and revealing new perspectives. It’s an opportunity to uncover your best self and pursue your most daring dreams. I guide my clients to discover alternative angles that may have been previously inaccessible and empower them to find solutions within themselves. Each session concludes with a plan to turn those solutions into actionable steps and pathways for growth.

A journey of self-discovery towards true freedom

Amid life’s challenges, the coach remains a steadfast companion, aiding clients in achieving desired outcomes or transforming aspects of their lives that no longer bring satisfaction or happiness. Through a delicate balance of inquiry, active listening, and support, the coach becomes a catalyst for the client’s personal growth and self-realization.

Transformation is rarely a straightforward process. It can be tough and frustrating at times. The coach is not a universal expert, so we don’t provide ready-made solutions. What I do in my sessions is ask those challenging questions, listen attentively, provoke thoughtful reflection, while offering support and presence. No judgment, no advice.

I partner with each of my clients to integrate the past, present, and future into something new, into a lighter self

A self that is free to pursue its dreams and confident enough to make them a reality. A self that can say no with ease to things that no longer fit and say yes wholeheartedly to those amazing experiences ahead. Life has great plans in store if we follow its cues.

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About me

I would start by saying that I am the mother of two, aged 5 and 14. This has been the most important and challenging role of my life by far. My life story could fill a few novels, but I’ll reserve those for another stage of my life 🙂

I am also a passionate communication strategist and brand creator, coach, and trainer. I love what I do. After spending 10 years in the corporate environment, I founded Bright 9 years ago with a clear purpose in mind: to bring about the change I envision and add value with a gentle, kind, empathetic approach, fueled by a genuine desire to help my customers grow and reach their next business level.

I collaborate with companies that make people’s lives brighter through education, human-oriented services, technology, and digital solutions. I channel my passion and dedication into supporting them in building consistent, beautiful brands, coherent communication, and a delightful overall user experience.

I dreamt of bringing this approach to individuals and teams as well, so I decided to become a transformational coach. I graduated from the ICF-accredited course offered by Mind Learners, which was one of the best decisions I’ve made. After years of personal therapy, the individual and group processes I experienced during the course remained exceptionally powerful and transformative.

What I love about the ICF (International Coaching Federation) methodology is that it drives real change and results: I, as a coach, accompany the coachee through a GROW process in each session, unveiling previously undiscovered transformative resources and solutions (Goals, Reality, Opportunities, Ways to grow).  

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