Where Do We Leave Our Coat? Where Do We Leave Our Self?

It is morning again, so we leave home on autopilot mode, while our mind rides in circles about all the things we have to do. While forgetting about ourselves.

Education Rewrites the Story – Changing the World Together

Through education, children transform their inner world – they grow, gain new understanding and values, and become tomorrow’s independent and inspiring adults.

How Can Technology Become More Attractive?

Most IT&C companies don’t have the time or internal resources to produce content consistently and regularly and illustrate it attractively, so a big part of their expertise remains unspoken.

Content Marketing Study: What Should We Expect in 2017?

Marketing continues to shift from a ‘one fits all’ unidirectional approach to offering beautiful, relevant content and a unified brand experience across channels. More and more companies are realizing the need to transform and adjust their approach to keep up the competitive pace.

5 Ways Good Branding Influences Your Company’s Life & Evolution 

I’ve always considered that branding is just common sense in action. Branding is not only the shape we give to things, but the drive we imprint to companies and people. When understood and executed properly, branding can reunite meanings, paths, moments, emotions, fulfilled needs.

Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Presence in 6 Easy Steps: A Toolkit for SMEs

LinkedIn is a valuable space for B2B companies and a must-have channel to include in your social media strategy. You can use it for as many purposes, such as getting awareness and visibility, positioning as a professional company based on high-quality content, sharing qualified opinions, to…

How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days

In the common movie of our business reality, most of our energy focuses on winning new customers. We dedicate our sales and marketing efforts to turning prospects into clients and then we replicate it again and again, too many times forgetting about the ones we’ve just acquired.

Does Design Consistency Really Matter or Is Your Designer Exaggerating?

Imagine this: you love purple and would really like to use it as the main color for your company’s website. Then your designer steps in, hears you out, shakes his head and goes like ‘No, no and no. Purple is not our brand color, nor it relates to the brand’s world’.

E-mail Marketing vs. Social Media. Or How to Make Them Work Together

Learn how email marketing and social media can work together hand in hand to generate leads, engage customers and build a consistent brand image.

What Makes Your Website Boring or Annoying?

Do you have a beautiful, airy, light and friendly website? Make sure you avoid these 5 common reasons that make websites boring or annoying. And even if they are, there is still hope ;)