Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Can No Longer Ignore in 2017

We put together essential visual content marketing statistics that you can use to build content instruments that will differentiate your company and make you an authority figure in your industry.

Time for New Promises to Ourselves

Time flies for each of us like it was never here in the first place. It flies whether we spend it well or not. Whether we do things our way or not. Whether we grow our flame or not.

How to Offer a Unified User Experience across the Entire Customer Journey

Technology focused brands evolved from just mirroring products and organizations to expressing and emphasizing the immediate value, access and support they bring to people’s lives.

Manifesto for Bright Living. How & Why I Created My Own #Bright Way

I rarely write about myself. This time it is not an exception, but it came out this way because it is the story of a beginning I wanted to share, hoping I could inspire more people to start shaping their own beginning.

Less Busy, More Human

Probably this would be my shortest article, as this is kind of all I have to say. Still, I go on by saying that my greatest joy would be to see us all leaving our 'busy' coats on a chair somewhere... And then putting our 'human' coats on and forget to take them off, no matter what we end up doing,…

[infographic] How to Achieve Brand Recognition & Consistency

A brand is in essence the collection of customer experiences and interactions with your company’s products and services. Brand recognition, favorability and loyalty have a very direct impact to your company’s sales figures. They are generated by the sum of customer experiences related both to…

Taking Piano Lessons at 30: A New Challenge with Unexpected Rewards

I’ve always wanted to play the piano. So wherever I heard a piano singing I felt so much emotion and in a strange way, I felt closer to myself. Sometimes the opportunity of learning to play was so close to me that I could touch it, but yet I didn’t.

Every Monday a New Journey Begins. Make It Valuable!

Our mind and body perceive Mondays like the most difficult start-over times. And when you think it happens every single week, it becomes that unfriendly day that takes over to something beautiful and full of endless opportunities and discoveries: the all mighty weekend. But what if we changed…

Mindful & Efficient Ways to Use Social Media as a Company

In my last posts I covered the importance of the new marketing to business growth and success, combined with the human side of marketing and communication. In the same note, as social media became an essential tool of today’s communication instruments, I had to uncover the things I find essential…

The Value and Importance of Time, from a Little Boy

Do you need to be conscious of time passing by when all you have to do is play, run, sing, paint and laugh? When every day is a joy and every simple discovery is a miracle? When you are 5 years old, your time is today and now. The present moment is so important that it captures your full…