The 7 Keys to High Energy through the Day. What Is Consuming Us?

Have you noticed that there are days when time flies while you make great things happen and you are still left with plenty of energy? And other days when you’re internal battery shows 1% at about…2PM? What makes these days so different?

5 Essential Things for a Healthy Corporate Culture

Culture is that feeling and common drive that a company fosters and stands for, the sum of values and purposes that guides and links their employees. It is that common impulse that makes them come to work with a smile, sell effectively and support the company for steady growth.

The 5C’s of Authentic Communication

Beyond content planning, right context spotting or measuring channel efficiency, there are some other c-words that are equally important, even if they are harder to quantify or even more idealistic as it might seem at first. I would call them the soft skills of transparent, authentic communication.…

The New Marketing Works Its Way through the Crowd

In the crowded world of promotional messages that assault us, cramped between offers, spam e-mails and ads of all sizes and ranges displayed everywhere, the question pops out naturally: How do I make my company’s voice heard in all this annoying noise?

Authentic Communication Brings Sustainable Business Results

Well-chosen words and careful reality packing make us look nicer, bigger, smarter, or more capable, may help us get what we want on the short term while making our flaws or slips disappear. Or so we think.