Authentic Communication Brings Sustainable Business Results

All along there were words.

Words that we use to express how we feel, what we want, what we have to offer. In business communication, well-mastered words seem to get us a new contract, obtain a good discount from our suppliers, or more commitment from our team. Well-chosen words and careful reality packing make us look nicer, bigger, smarter, or more capable, may help us get what we want on the short term while making our flaws or slips disappear. Or so we think.

The effects of doing this repeatedly start to show. After doing this for some time, we find ourselves showing an image of a person we are actually not. We realize that our company is not really the way we dressed it to look. Keeping up with this image starts to take too much of our energy.

Communication becomes artificial the moment we try too much. The moment we pack too much.

In a world of competition at all levels, we sometimes forget communication’s purpose: to make our interactions smoother, simpler, more open, natural and human. Keeping up with any artificial image requires too much effort and budget.

So why not make sure that they get spent the right way, on enhancing our right and true image? Our efforts should focus on emphasizing our true values and meanings, as well as our company’s.  This is how it becomes sustainable and supports business growth. Otherwise, people will continue to see marketing and communication as an unnecessary thing that only companies with big budgets afford to do.

Being authentic generates trust, which is the ultimate thing that triggers the buying decision. We should use packing only to put products in bags and boxes that match the inside. For all the other moments, try unpacking. It brings so much freedom and makes people and customers fall for you.