The New Marketing Works Its Way through the Crowd

In the crowded world of promotional messages that assault us, cramped between offers, spam emails, and ads of all sizes and ranges, the questions pop out naturally:

How do I make my company’s voice heard in all this noise? Or how do I create, grow and practice a differentiated voice?

First, we need to stop fighting for the limited attention of people and stretch it as if it was endlessly elastic. This is why we get ignored too many times. What we need to do is shift the focus from talking our prospects into buying to showing a deep understanding of their specific needs, goals, behaviors, pain points and prove that we can best address them.

The new marketing includes only those actions that are relevant and useful to your customers, in a natural, human and non-interruptive way. The new marketing steps in only when it’s helpful and needed. In other words, it’s seamless.

This doesn’t mean it’s inexistent or passive. It just doesn’t play the ‘who can shout louder’ game. It advises and accompanies discretely. It helps people make the best decision.

Key instruments of the new marketing:
  1. get to know your customers and their pain points
  2. keep your eyes on the competition. They can offer valuable market intelligence
  3. understand your customer’s journey. Focus more on the process and turn it into an experience
  4. make a relevant content strategy and plan
  5. personalize your content to match the phases of the customer journey
  6. spot the right moment and context to give prospects one type of information or the other
  7. engage them in the right action on the right channel, depending on the phase they are in the cycle
  8. measure, analyze and fine tune. No one is perfect.

I call this bright marketing. Or clever, human, adequate marketing. The new marketing.

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