The 5C’s of Authentic Communication

Have you noticed that communication tends to have a passion of relating to words starting with “c” ?

Beyond content planning, right context spotting or measuring channel efficiency, there are some other c-words that are equally important, even if they are harder to quantify or more idealistic as they might seem at first.

I would call them the soft skills of transparent, authentic communication. These 5C’s help us build sustainable companies and turn complete strangers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors:


Clarity comes from vision. Businesses with vision make it in the long run as they see their development path clearly and follow it from strategic and daily business decisions to brand management and integrated communication. Clarity attracts just the right type of customers, the ones you really need for steady growth.

Corporate purpose

Knowing, manifesting and communicating your greater good purpose that stands above the commercial purpose is proved to generate both financial benefits and brand favorability. Customers tend to favor companies and brands that bring value to the world. Moreover, this filters and attracts to your team those talents driven by the same purpose. So invest time in defining and communicating your corporate purpose for attracting the right people.


Creative communication captures the business and brand essence and makes it appealing for commercial use and consistent across all channels. Just like a sculpture revealing from a stone block, a truly creative communication focuses on using shape only for revealing the essence.


Well, we all seem connected thanks to the digital era, but still, we seem to be missing to build real connections. The more connected are our virtual worlds, the fewer connections we build for real. So it’s not only about connectivity by all means, but about creating communities of people driven by the same values your business has. It is also about showing empathy for their interests and needs through the solutions you offer.


Every word we say has meaning, energy and intention and makes us responsible when using it. Conscious communication keeps us aware of the impact and value our words have and of their contribution to building a consistent and credible business and brand.

How are these 5C’s manifesting and growing in your company?