Less Busy, More Human

Probably this would be my shortest article, as this is kind of all I have to say.

Still, I go on by saying that my greatest joy would be to see us all leaving our ‘busy’ coats on a chair somewhere… And then putting our ‘human’ coats on and forget to take them off, no matter what we end up doing, be it during busy business hours or free time.

We keep ourselves busy to become more self-confident and financially secure, but in the process we many times forget about being human, kind, loving, compassionate, helpful, authentic. This is in the end what keeps us connected to ourselves and others and emotionally secure to make all our other plans happen.

So today, on #worldsmileday, I am sharing my thoughts for growing our human and caring side and expressing it genuinely in everything we do, for the simple reason of making someone, anyone, smile.