Manifesto for Bright Living. How & Why I Created My Own #Bright Way

I rarely write about myself. This time it is not an exception, but it came out this way because it is the story of a beginning I wanted to share, hoping I could inspire more people to start shaping their own beginning.

After many years of studying, taking on projects and missions, adapting to various corporate systems, readjusting, building, rebuilding and doing it all over again, I started feeling a growing urge to create and truly own my professional way. One that would be closer to my inner self, one that would match my personality, thoughts and vision for life.

All the other ways I had taken up to this point were good and useful at their time and contributed to the person and professional I am today. But this time it was different: my inner voice first whispered shyly in my solitude moments, then started to speak up.

I know and feel that I want to spend my time growing the good in the world, which for me means to do everything in a simple, kind, helpful and genuine way. I combined this life belief with my professional expertise and this is how Bright came to life: to stand for a bright mind, a bright attitude towards life itself and a bright way of living and doing business.

Based on all these, Bright starts its journey as a new generation branding and communication company that aims at revealing the essence, the good and the unlimited potential within people and their companies. No polish, no useless special effects. Just inspiring people to trust their inner authenticity and reflect it in their communication with the world outside.

Moreover, with a technical background and after working so many years within technology and software companies, I became passionate with the accessibility, flexibility and speed of action that technology offers. I appreciate and support those bright companies that have a key role in making people’s lives better by using technology in creative and innovative ways.

I was lucky to find a team that shares these beliefs and passion and we kind of created a niche of our own, as our customers are mostly technology focused companies. We help them with creating and growing relevant brands, communicating effectively or extending to new markets. We also support them in offering their customers more value faster through an intuitive and coherent user experience across channels. And the most important thing is that we always build upon transparency, simplicity, kindness, genuine respect and a good sense of humor. This is why Bright stands for both shiny and intelligent.

I am happy to feel that my energy and imagination are now spent on things I believe in and that I can make them happen my way. In time, I envision Bright to inspire more people and spread its brightness into their lives, while supporting them in reaching their full, unlimited potential.


Share your thoughts here or at I would be happy to help you build your own bright story.