Where Do We Leave Our Coat? Where Do We Leave Our Self?

We’ve started a new year. We’ve renewed our resolutions and promises. Then, without realizing, we’ve started running the rat race again, soon embracing our very old patterns. It is a new year again and this is enough to make it seem that all things need to be solved at once. It is morning again, so we leave home on autopilot mode, while our mind rides in circles about all the things we have to do. While forgetting about ourselves. We get our share of the traffic jam. We finally get to the office and put on the business face.

We hang our Self at the office door as if it were a coat.

Where did you leave your ‘coat’ today? Which corner of the office? Or maybe in the car…or maybe at home where maybe, just maybe, it is safe and warm. Wherever it is, are you aware of it?

I used to stop during the day and asked myself ‘where am I’. Most of the times I could not answer. In time, by becoming more aware, I started to actually see myself: when I was present and true to myself, when I was not, when I used my gifts and talents for fulfilling purposes, when I did not. Some days, I still hung my coat along with my soul at the door, as I entered, but I kept asking the same question and day after day, as the question grew inside, I became increasingly aware. This made room for new experiences that fit me and helped me let go of the ones that didn’t. I made some life cleaning and let myself be who I am.

The most important thing I’ve realized is that it is still us out there, as well as in here. We need to be who we are, wherever we go and whatever we do. We need to stay true to ourselves and act according to our real Self. This is the only way we can bring real value and presence to our lives and the others’.

I wish that for all of us this year will be more about presence and awareness, about the wonders of our lives, the music, the poetry, the thrill, the surprise. More about family, friends, and love. More about the wonderful projects that make us the heroes of our own worlds and that ultimately make the entire world brighter. May we have the energy, the self-awareness, and inner drive to make every one of them happen while keeping our true self with us.