Through education, children transform their inner world – they grow, gain new understanding and values, and become tomorrow’s independent and inspiring adults. By getting involved in the educational process, the teacher is transformed as well, while guiding and inspiring children to grow further. The class universe is rewritten. The school universe is rewritten. The community becomes full of color.

Education Rewrites the Story


On November 2nd we celebrated the way the reality around us is reshaped through education, starting with every child and involving every teacher and every school principal, who have joined their mission with Teach for Romania’s mission. The „Education Rewrites the Story” conference was held under the High Patronage of the Romanian Presidency and reunited 400 participants who listened to the impressive stories of children, teachers, authorities and private companies that support the organization.

We joined Teach for Romania’s mission as we share the same values and commitment to making the world a brighter and better place. This is why we put our energy and creativity into their service to come up with the event concept and name that guided the entire conference: One person can change the world. What about together? We also designed all event materials to reflect this approach and to enforce the event’s umbrella name.

Take a look at some of the pictures here and check our Facebook page for more.