How Can Technology Become More Attractive?

A Practical Approach to Marketing & Communication, Designed for IT&C Companies

We live in a very crowded world, both as companies and individuals. We need to keep the pace with our fast-moving life and fast-moving markets while staying present and connected to ourselves and others. When employed correctly, technology has the huge opportunity and privilege to make people’s lives simpler, easier and more effective.

But in an increasingly crowded IT&C market how can you, as an SME, stand out among many agile and innovative players, looking to occupy their own spot in the customers’ minds?

How Can You Differentiate? What Can Marketing Do to Make Your Technology Products Really Matter?

We all know the theory: know your customers, focus on one niche, design a scalable product, provide top services and user experience, and so on. Yes, we know it. And then real life steps in and we get stuck in the hamster wheel of doing sales, follow-ups, delivery, development, and all kinds of fixing. With all these, companies don’t have enough time to show and prove their experience.

Software companies can differentiate by creating consistent and relevant content that proves they understand their customers’ challenges and pain points and they are the only ones who know how to solve them.

This requires dedicated time and resources for creating the kind of content customers find helpful and that ultimately influences their decision to buy: product sheets, dynamic presentations, relevant use cases and case studies, testimonials, e-books, infographics or product videos.


Most companies don’t have the time or internal resources to produce content consistently and regularly and illustrate it attractively, so a big part of their expertise remains unspoken.

So What Can Dedicated Marketing Do to Make Your Company Stand Out?

First, it takes the burden off your resources, which lets your team focus on the core business. Second, it makes a coherent communication and content plan that matches your objectives. Third, it puts this plan to work by generating appropriate and beautifully designed content instruments and distributing them on the right channels. Last, but not least, it monitors progress and optimizes in real-time.

This is what I call intelligent ‘s-marketing’ – the kind of marketing that actively and consciously supports sales with custom actions for every stage of the sales funnel. A dedicated, experienced content marketing team can make all the difference in how you are perceived by the market you want to conquer.


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